Raúl Abeledo Sanchis
Valencia, Spain
European Projects Manager at the Cultural Economics Research Unit, University of Valencia

Economist, PhD in Cultural Planning and Sustainability and Regional Development.
Raul Abeledo works with the Cultural Economics Research Unit at the University of Valencia. He is an expert in culture and sustainable local development.
Econcult is a Cultural Economics research unit organized by Pau Rausell. Its areas of expertise include culture and local development, cultural policies, cultural tourism, cultural industries, economic impact and cultural indicators…

Francisco d’Almeida CANCELLED
Delegate General of Culture and Development

Delegate General of Culture and Development, Francisco d’Almeida manages cultural cooperation projects for the development of local areas in sub-Saharan Africa. For the OIF (International Francophone Organisation) he carries out studies on the economics of culture in Africa and is a part of the support group for the Brussels Declaration by artists, professionals and entrepreneurs of culture (Africa Caribbean Pacific).

Philippe Berthelot
President of UFISC – Federal Union of Cultural Organisations and Director of Fédurok

After having been director of la Clef at Saint German En Laye, then of ADEM-Florida, a space dedicated to amplified music and multi-media at Agen, Philippe Berthelot has held the role of director of Fédurok since 1999. Among his many other remits, he has also been president of UFISC - the Federal Union of the independent sector of the arts and culture since 2009.

Sophie Camard
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Councillor

Sophie Camard has represented Europe écologie – Les Verts within the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region since March 2010. She chairs the Regional Employment and Economic Development, Higher Education, Research and Innovation Commission.

Sébastien Cornu
Coustellet, Vaucluse
President of La Fédurok and unpaid administrator of the Gare de Coustellet

The founder then director of the Gare de Coustellet, a social-cultural space in the Luberon since 1996, Sébastien Cornu now works for regional cooperation with the Akwaba performing arts auditoria and other new musics stakeholders in the south Vaucluse. His strong involvement in the professional networks led him to take on the presidency of Fédurok in 2007.
On this POTLATCH, he will represent TREMA, a network of new musics stakeholders in the PACA region.

Marco Félez
Pays de Redon et Vilaine, Brittany
Director/manager of the cluster of companies Les Articulteurs

Marco Félez has 30 years’ experience in managing urban projects. He has also worked on the local development of rural areas. He has run and managed European programmes for over 15 years concerned with regional development dynamics.
He is currently director / manager of the Les Articulteurs cluster - award winner of the Datar 2010 companies cluster, a movement initiated and set up since 2004 in the Pays de Redon et Vilaine district in Brittany placing culture at the heart of local development.

Renata Fontanillas
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Coordinator of the program Oi Kabum! at Oi Futuro

Renata Fontanillas is a cultural manager holding a Master’s degree in Cultural Institutions and Business Management at the University of Barcelona, a tutor for the graduation Senac Rio programme, and coordinator of Oï Kabum!, a socio-educational programme run by the Oï Futuro Institute. Thanks to her years of experience, she has become specialized in project development, management and evaluation; private grants and sponsorship for the arts; and institutional affairs.

Donato Giuliani
In charge of the "International Cultural Cooperation" centre for the Nord – Pas de Calais Region

Coordinator of 5 conferences (Council of Europe in 1996, Oracle in 1999, IETM in 2001, Culture Action Europe – Les Rencontres in 2004, le Relais Culture Europe in 2008, le Fresnoy/B. Stiegler), Donato Giuliani is involved in multilateral cooperation (Belgium, Norway, Poland, Italy, Spain, Wales, Vietnam, Morocco, Senegal, Brazil). He manages INTERREG A and C projects, the establishment of an annex of the Arabic World Institute and "Euromed" partnerships.

Julio Gómez
Vigo, Spain
Co-director of SINSALaudio

Julio Gómez has been co-director of SINSALaudio since 2000.
He also participates in organising Espazos Sonoros, a festival which is also a Galician artists’ management agency.
In 2005 The Escola Sinsal was created, an educational project directed towards recovering the acoustic memory of contemporary society. He has recently worked on the first Spanish record label in Spain dedicated to acoustic archeology.

Nadine Gomez
Digne-les-Bains – Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
Head curator of the Gassendi museum, artistic director of the CAIRN arts centre, artistic director of the Alcotra European programme – the contemporary arts route

A scientist by training and heritage curator since 1988, Nadine Gomez has designed and directed a huge project for the production of contemporary works for ten years in the protected area of a natural reserve covering 200,000 hectares where the contemporary works are accessible free of charge and on foot.

Etienne Imer
Director of Element Music Publishing

Étienne Imer, a music publisher, from 1986 has dedicated his career to structuring the independent record sector through Art Trafic, a collection of rock and French songs, and Element music, dedicated to electronic music.
Since 2003, he has concentrated his publishing business on "synchronisation" in the advertising and cinema sectors and carries out cultural engineering studies and missions.
Besides this, he has dedicated himself since 2002, to defining a digital economic model applied to works of the mind.

Aleksandra Kapetanović
Kotor, Montenegro
Executive director at Expeditio Centre for Sustainable Spatial Development

Expeditio is a non-governmental organization with a mission to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and the SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and the general development of civil society. Expeditio was founded in 1997 and has conducted many projects focusing on sustainable spatial development.

Cécile Le Prado

Cécile Le Prado works mainly for GES Vierzon, INA-GRM and Ircam.
Besides music for dance and image as well as many acousmatic concert pieces and radio-phonic creations, she is interested in sound architectures and soundscapes.
Her compositions are a musical work, a dream-like metaphor of the real soundscape, both a pretext and the starting point of an inner journey. She offers soundscapes and frontiers of sound to explore.


I-Wei Li
Berlin, Germany
Artistic director of SideBySide Studio

Born in Taiwan, she grew up in Canada, worked as a banker in Kenya, and now runs SideBySide Studio and Artout, an international artist escort service, from Berlin.
I-Wei Li considers herself to be a ‘contexterin’ – a woman who aims to generate new context in each of her artistic practices. Besides art films and multi-media installations, she also works as an independent curator and runs interdisciplinary events such as the Kunst Apotheke Salon for cultural workers to share their critical thoughts.

Marion Louisgrand
Dakar, Senegal
Coordinator of Kër Thiossane

Marion Louisgrand is coordinator of Kër Thiossane, a cultural centre where people can research, live, create and train in Dakar, which since 2002 has encouraged the inclusion of multimedia in traditional artistic and creative practice and seeks to support cross-overs between various disciplines.
In Senegal Kër Thiossane organises the Afropixel festival and is behind the “Rose des Vents Numérique” (digital compass rose) project, a digital twinning project for spreading and pooling technical, cultural and artistic knowledge between Senegal, Mali, South Africa and the Caribbean.

Jean-Michel Lucas
Lecturer– researcher, University Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne

Jean-Michel Lucas, former president of Trempolino and Uzeste musical, is a Doctor of Economic sciences and lecturer at the University of Rennes 2. Former technical advisor for the Minister of Culture Jack Lang, and then regional director of cultural affairs for the Aquitaine region, he currently devotes his work - under his pseudonym Doc Kasimir Bisou - to criticism of cultural policy and re-founding it on ethical issues and people’s cultural rights.

Maïté Mazel
Cetona, Tuscany – Italy
Director of CITEMA, European meeting and exchange centre for artcrafts and design

The CITEMA aims to enhance and promote artcrafts, encouraging transmission and the sharing of know-how, facilitating the networking of professionals in the sector of artcrafts and design.
As a partner of the Sostenuto project, CITEMA is experimenting the creation an “Artcrafts and Design” cluster. This experiment has been set up in a rural area located between Tuscany and Umbria (Italy).
Maité Mazel created CITEMA in 2006.

Fermin Muguruza
Irún, Basque Country
Musician and filmmaker

Fermín Muguruza founded in the 80’s two of the most influential Basque groups: Kortatu and Negu Gorriak.
He also created the Esan Ozenki label, which has published his records and helped several bands to take their first steps.
In 2003, he set out on the “Jai Alai Katumbi Express” world tour with Manu Chao.
In 2008, he published his last studio work to date, Asmathic Lion Sound Systema, recorded in over 20 different cities the world over.
The latest work by Muguruza has been directing a documentary series called Next Music Station about music in Arab world for Al Jazeera.

Freddy Mutombo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Visual artist and member of the Eza Possibles / EZAOKUP collectives

Freddy Mutombo is a multi-disciplinary artist from Kinshasa. He is interested in the graphic arts, the photography, the approach to space, the creation of objects and scenography.
He develops several projects about the history, the memory and his connection with the world (anxiety, rebellion, social realities…). In 2005, he joins the Eza Possibles collective for congolese visual artists.
In 2009, Eza possibles and the Franco-Serb collectives OKUP came together to work around a common creative cycle, forming EzaOKUP comprising 4 Congolese men and 4 French women outside their usual working context investigating
art from an in situ way.

Philippe Teillet
Political Studies Institute, Grenoble / PACTE CNRS
A lecturer in political science, in charge of the Master’s degree specialism "Managing Cultural Projects"

Philippe Teillet work is concerned with the politicisation of public activities in the field of cultural politics. He is particularly interested in their territorialisation and confronting their paradigms (in particular using "new musics"), as well as integrating culture into issues of sustainable development.

Ferdinand Richard
Director of A.M.I., president of Roberto Cimetta Fund
AMI website - Ferdinand Richard writings

Founder of A.M.I., Ferdinand Richard is involved in a number of both local and international cultural organisations. He was a pioneer of La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille in 1992 and is the current President of the Roberto Cimetta Fund working towards the mobility of artists and cultural operators throughout the Mediterranean. He is also an expert on the United Cities and Local Governments “Agenda 21 for Culture” commission.

Sami Sadak
Ethnomusicologist and artistic director of the world music form "Babel Med Music"

Sami Sadak teaches ethno-musicology at the University of Provence and the University of Nice. His research concerns the movement of peoples in the Mediterranean and how they have adapted their music.
He has been in charge of studies at the Traditional Music and Dance Mission of ARCADE and has worked as artistic director for traditional music records and has co-produced programmes for France Musique and France Culture.
Artistic director of the world music forum "Babel Med Music" since its creation in 2005, he is also a member of the Charles Cros Academy.

Samo Selimovic´
Ljubljana – Slovenia
Political scientist and project manager at Bunker

Samo Selimovic´ is a political scientist and the manager of the European project Sostenuto at Bunker. He is also a Games Master of the Future City Game project – the British Council’s project for improving the quality of life in urban areas.

Jean-Sébastien Steil
Independent production director, European and international development consultant

Jean Sébastien Steil was coordinator of the European IN SITU network from 2003 to 2011. In this role, he was in charge of overseeing two pluri-annual Culture 2000 projects; a pilot project for artists’ mobility and setting-up the META project a project winning community funding (2011-2016).
Since March 2011, he has worked on supporting artistic and cultural projects: production director for GdRA (theatre); consultancy to cultural organisations for setting up and implementing European projects.