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Elle participe au renforcement de l’attractivité du territoire en consolidant un écosystème professionnel durable et équitable pour les artistes et les opérateurs culturels. Elle s’inscrit dans divers réseaux de la filière et participe à la co-construction de politiques culturelles à l’échelle locale et internationale

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ready to change ?

bunker | ljubljana

ready to change ?

An experimental Forum on culture and social innovation in Europe and in the Med area

Proposal within the framework of the Sostenuto project "Thinking culture as a factor of economic and social innovation "

Numerous artistic and cultural actors in the Mediterranean area, in Europe or throughout the world have taken note of the important changes of our societies and of the difficulties resulting from these changes. They are investing their functions of experimenters and of explorers, proposing new paths.

In this moment of multiple and confusing crises, also European Union is searching for new perspectives through its strategy UE 2020. Within this context, it seems important to us to highlight how cultural actors are coping with social transformations, with transformations of the public politics or with transformation in the area of cultural and artistic practices (new collaborative practices, integration of communication technologies,...).

In Ljubljana, we are risking the bet:

is it possible, during three days, to combine our knowledge, our experiences and our desires in order to take up a collective position?
To demonstrate the determinant role that we are assuming in this moment of our history, illuminating the meanings, reconstructing solidarities, proposing new ways of thinking, new ways of organization and of relationships.

We are thinking it is possible, indeed! And we are inviting you to this experience, where we are going to make the point, with our capacities to:

- initiate and follow-up economic and social transformations,

- challenge a new way of more confident and more solidarity oriented social relationships,

- create new ways of distribution of knowledge and of richness of our societies.

During this Forum, we are proposing you to achieve a common declaration, affirming our wishes within this redefinition of the artistic and cultural action in the social environment.
We do hope that this common declaration will bring our engagements and our analyses, but also our hopes in a European society, making its citizenship, the sharing and the solidarity one of the foundations of its construction.

This declaration, collectively compiled, will be supported by our exchange of knowledge and of experiences.
Consequently, we are inviting you to participate during these three days at different times:

- Open university

The sharing of our knowledge is occupying an important place of the objectives of this Forum:

- how to point out the evolution of systems of thoughts, of systems of values and of systems of actions?

- How to take over the transmission of our knowledge?

We are proposing you (everyone, all of inhabitants of Ljubljana) an "open university", with conferences/debates among intellectuals, searchers, artists and professionals.

You will have to compose for yourself your own program, starting from 6 "micro-cycles" of conferences:

- Cultural rights: which evolution of cultural rights from the point of view of social transformations?

- Economy: which economic visions for the culture and for which social evolutions?

- Ecology and Biodiversity: which interactions between ecology, social innovation and well-being?

- Wealth and Poverty: which redistributions of the cultural and financial wealth?

- Social Changes: which social evolutions in Europe? Which connection with the culture?

- Urbanity and new governances: city as the environment of experiences between the governance of the culture and the democracy.

Exchange of experiences

We believe that exchange of our knowledge is passing also through the crossing of our experiences. Therefore we have foreseen moments of exchange in order to highlight the current experiences:

- how they are opening towards new forms of relations and interrelations between people?

- How they are implementing new processes of constructions / deconstructions in the artistic projects?

- How they can be transferred or, even better, how they can be pollinated?

We have organized exchanges around 6 "thematic platforms". Each of them will be introduced by the presentation of the artistic experiences:

- Nomadic practices, projects that are open, in movement and adjusting to their environment.
They are speaking to us about openness, connection and adaptation.

- Art in context, projects taking into consideration local cultural contexts.
They are recomposing the interconnections between territories and democracy.

- Ephemeral practices, projects dedicated to a particular location or to a specific moment.
They are speaking to us about here and now.

- Self-management, co-management and co-organization (new collectivism), projects searching for exchange and for cooperation.
They are speaking to us about community and about working together.

- The spaces in between, projects dedicated to the forgotten spaces and places that have to be explored.
They are speaking to us about the risks that we have to take, about the necessary steps we have to make.
- Utopia and poetry, projects trying to find new paths.
They are speaking to us about the imaginary, about innovation.

Out of the box?

What are your ideas, your suggestions of engagements, your own projects, outside of the foreseen paths,…?

Clinic of cultural rights

A "cabinet" of juristic consultations, free of charge and shared, is proposing you the diagnosis of your rights and....

Workshops of co-writing the "declaration"

We are proposing you to participate each afternoon in co-writing the declaration that we will present at the end of the Forum to a panel of representatives of civil initiatives and of politicians.

Registration and information

Information regarding the Forum Ready to change are available on the website of the project:

as well as on the websites of all of our partners.

Registration is opened online on the following address:


Sostenuto "Thinking culture as a factor of economic and social innovation" is a project that is gathering following entities and organizations: AMI (F), chef de file, Bunker (SLO), Citema (I), Expeditio (MNE), Relais Culture Europe (F), University of Valencia (S) and Zunino e Partner Progetti (I). Bunker will be the hosting partner of this event.

Sostenuto is a project of micro-territorial experimentations in the area of interconnections between the culture, economy, social issues and democracy within Med area. By its approach of the exploration of innovative practices in the field of the culture – incubator, cluster, non monetary exchange system, new modes of governance – it is striving for reinforcement of capacities of innovation of the cultural sector within the Med space, to accompany its mutation towards new economic and social models and to encourage the consideration of its innovation capacities with the help of decisions makers, managers and financers.

We would like to thank following partners for their support and for their solidarity:
Maska (SLO).