Dans un souci de résistance aux effets de la globalisation et de l’hyper-concentration des industries culturelles et créatives, l’AMI collabore, mutualise et coproduit.

Elle participe au renforcement de l’attractivité du territoire en consolidant un écosystème professionnel durable et équitable pour les artistes et les opérateurs culturels. Elle s’inscrit dans divers réseaux de la filière et participe à la co-construction de politiques culturelles à l’échelle locale et internationale

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final conference


final conference

Valencia (Spain), 19 & 20 January 2012
“Culture on the frontlines: unveiling the keys to social and economic innovation in the Med Space”

The Aim
The main aim of our conference will be to analyze and disseminate the experiences of four cultural laboratories established in France, Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro in the framework of the Sostenuto Project. These pilot experiences, carried out with the support of the European Union’s Med Programme, have proved that culture can be understood as a channel for individual and collective expression but also as the driving force for a kind of social and economic change based on citizens and their links to their territories.

The context
At a time when Europe is seeing its foundations trembling, the European Union’s member States are aware of the need to set aside the old development models and look for alternatives to brace its future. Now that the next Culture Programme and the future Cohesion Policy are taking shape, it is essential to redirect our gaze towards culture and place it on the frontlines of the efforts to build a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive Europe.

The programme
During the conference, the project partners the conference we will present the experiences of the cultural laboratories and the research conducted throughout the project. We will also encourage discussions around the role of culture in Europe’s future, the influence of cultural policies in the territories and the relationships between culture, creativity and innovation.

The conference is addressed to
Artists, cultural operators and cultural managers
- Researchers specialized in cultural economics, cultural policies, creativity and innovation
- Advisors and policymakers in charge of cultural policy, innovation and local/regional development in Europe and the Med space
- Culture-curious, art-loving and creative individuals

Registration : www.uv.es/soste/register.html
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The organizers
The conference is organized by the Cultural Economics Research Unit of the Universitat de València (Econcult)->http://www.uv.es/econcult/] in collaboration with its six Sostenuto partners: A.M.I. (project leader), Bunker, CITEMA, Expeditio, Relais Culture Europe and Zunino e Partner Progetti (ZEP PROGETTI)