Dans un souci de résistance aux effets de la globalisation et de l’hyper-concentration des industries culturelles et créatives, l’AMI collabore, mutualise et coproduit.

Elle participe au renforcement de l’attractivité du territoire en consolidant un écosystème professionnel durable et équitable pour les artistes et les opérateurs culturels. Elle s’inscrit dans divers réseaux de la filière et participe à la co-construction de politiques culturelles à l’échelle locale et internationale

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final press conference

sostenuto project

final press conference

Organised with the support of Ile-de-France Europe
21 June 2012 at 9:00 am. Brussels, Ile-de-France Europe Office
10 rue Montoyer - 1000 Bruxelles – Trône

The partners from the INTERREG IV B Med project Sostenuto – Culture as a factor of economic
and social innovation have the pleasure to invite you to the final press conference of the project.

This conference will aim at presenting and diffusing the publications resulting from the project.
They are based on two complementary volumes.
The first, coordinated by the University of Valencia, proposes an economic analysis on questions of culture and innovation.
The second volume, coordinated by the Relais Culture Europe, puts these questions into perspective with regards to the choices with which we are faced in terms of development, society and democracy.

Two conferences moderated by Pascal Brunet, Relais Culture Europe :
Pau Rausell Köster, economist and director of ECONCULT, University of Valencia – the Sostenuto project : a contribution to the debate on social and economic innovation.
Jean-Michel Lucas, academic, University Rennes 2 – around his publication Culture and sustainable development and his contribution in the second volume “What values for the Agenda 21 for culture ?”

With the participation of Stéphane Victor, Ile-de-France Europe Office, Ferdinand Richard, director of A.M.I., head of the Sostenuto project and Frédéric Hocquard, director of Arcadi


Sostenuto "Thinking culture as a factor of economic and social innovation" is a project that is gathering following entities and organizations : AMI (F), head of project, Bunker (SLO), Citema (I),
Expeditio (MNE), Relais Culture Europe (F), University of Valencia (S) and Zunino e Partner Progetti srl (I).

Sostenuto is a project of micro-territorial experimentations in the area of interconnections between the culture, economy, social issues and democracy within Med area. By its approach of the exploration of innovative practices in the field of the culture – incubator, cluster, non monetary exchange system, new modes of governance – it is striving for reinforcement of capacities of innovation of the cultural sector within the Med space, to accompany its mutation towards new economic and social models and to encourage theca consideration of its innovation capacities with the help of decisions makers, managers and financers.

To know more about : http://sostenutoblog.wordpress.com/