project carriers

Project founders and promoters. They are or have been assisted as part of Dynamo, CADO or Funduk.


project carriers


preliminary phase sept.-dec. 2016


Presentation of the Project Carriers
Prétest – Preliminary Phase september-december 2016

Emilie Gervais
Freelance artist
web conception & Front-end development
Content Strategist

Hugo Fort, Meïssa Chabane, Claudia Courtial, Nina Gire, Charles Sinz, project carriers
Organisation of unusual/strange cultural events
Sidi&co activity is focused on the organization of unusual and multi-disciplinary events, through the locations or art forms they choose.

Cyrille Rocherieux
Opening a studio dedicated to glass art
This studio aims to answer every demand concerning building, conception and creation of glass works.
From the design to the artistic work itself, restoration, as well as conception of a personal art work.

Afrique Plurielle
Elodie Gaillard
Platform for promotion of African contemporary art in the PACA french Region
Afrique Plurielle wants to :
- organize one artistic residency per year ;
- set up an exhibition in a cultural place in the PACA Region ;
- create a forum to discuss on the african contemporary art.

La Room 710
Virginie Desgrand
Creation of hotel room
La Room 710 is a special concept for hotel rooms, designed by a different artist every month, who answers to smart and risqué guidelines. A precious casket for 4 and 5 stars hotels. Slumming in an art craft, what a luxury!

SD Scénographie
Simon Detienne
Theatrical design and stage scenery
Conception: : sketches, illustrations and mapping
Realisation : furnitures, objects, accessories
Expertise: stage design monitoring

Pierre Pulisciano
Digital publisihing, pedagogy, cultural mediation
HéHo?! is a project in the field of digital publishing, connected with public and cultural institutions. Activities are closely related to mediation, pedagogy and education.
Hého?! also provides workshops and trainings on digital practices, for single individuals or groups.

Les Triplettes de Consolat, "arts grocery"
Les Triplettes de Consolat develops 3 kinds of complementary actions :
arts grocery (selling art pieces in a shop) ;
hosting artists, mediation, diffusion ;
unusual monthly events (video, sound performance, installation).

Charlotte Antunes
Cultural venue
Theatre teacher since several years in Marseilles, Charlotte works with childrens, adults and teenagers, on different places and social environment.
She will engage for a cultural place which as well will be a place to live, a place for lessons, exhibitions, meetings, experiences sharing, in a social diversity surrounding.

La Cordillère
Henri d’Hautefeuille
Booking agency specialised in string instruments
booking, production, musical promotion

Les carnets chantés
Laurent Sellier
Production and publishing of "musical-books" for the youth
The edtiorial policy of "Les Carnets Chantés", a newcomer in the publishing sector of "musical-books" for the youth, is based upon the music as the starting point of the edition process. These "musical-books" form a new collection of songs books for every one.