Joint conference AMI & Roberto Cimetta Fund

Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March 2016

Incubinc/AMI & Roberto Cimetta Fund
Joint Conference
Villa Méditerranée, Marseilles

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AMI & RCF joint conference

video reports

Incubinc/AMI & Roberto Cimetta Fund
Joint conference

16th & 17th March 2016
Villa Méditerranée / Marseilles

In partnership with the Villa Méditerranée / AViTeM
With the support from the French Institutes in Lebanon and Morocco and the [French Embassy in South Africa>]

Live streaming & realisation of the videos by Urban Prod.
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Wednesday 16th March
Roberto Cimetta Fund

Part 1
Welcome & Conference 1 Roberto Cimetta Fund

Jean-Luc Bonhême, Elodie Le Breut, Jumana Al Yasiri
Artists, freedom of circulation, freedom of expression: progress or deterioration?
Svetlana Mintcheva, Director of programs, National Coalition against Censorship, USA

Part 2
Conversation 1

European and Arab Capitals of Culture: driving freedom of speech?
Hanan Kassab-Hassan, Ulrich Fuchs, Luca Bergamo

Part 3
Conversation 2

Cultural markets or cultural activism: how to remain audible and authentic at the same time?
Abdo Nawar, Emilie Petit

Part 4
Conversation 3

Intangible heritage: should we protect it or transform it?

Vicki Ann Cremona, Aqeel Al Mindlawie

Thursday 17th March
AMI / Incubinc

Part 5
Conference 2 AMI/Incubinc

Cultural business incubators, incubators for Democracy?
Ricardo Mbarkho

Part 6
Conversation 4

What forms of cultural incubators are available? What are we talking about?
Lucie Sanchez, Marion Louisgrand

Part 7
Conversation 5

What kind of corporate social responsibility (CSR) do cultural business incubators have?
Andre Le Roux, Aadel Essaadani

Part 8
Conversation 6

Can we invent new cultural markets, in a fair, sustainable, autonomous mode?
Vincent Carry, Daba Sarr

Part 9
Plenary Session