MIMI Festival 2016

1-10 july 2016
Friche la Belle de Mai | Cabaret Aléatoire | U.Percut | Mucem | Hôpital Caroline, Frioul islands


MIMI Festival 2016

tuesday 5 July


tuesday 5 July

Night of the Saucissettes
127 rue Sainte,
13007 Marseille

You’ll come out of the U.Percut nicely cooked golden brown, like alouettes sans tête! Alaplaj, who suit their name well, will give you the (sun-)stroke of summer beach pop. Strongly irradiated by their UV, you will be skewered by Cantenac Dagar, flipped over like crepes, braised to the core in their underground forge with Toulouse-style sauce. Roasted top and bottom, you will be nibbled and chewed, happy saucissettes!

Alaplaj (Marseilles)

Cantenac Dagar (Toulouse)