MIMI Festival 2016

1-10 july 2016
Friche la Belle de Mai | Cabaret Aléatoire | U.Percut | Mucem | Hôpital Caroline, Frioul islands


MIMI Festival 2016

thursday 7 July

Hôpital Caroline, Frioul Islands

thursday 7 July

Night of the razor stroke

Andando, caballero!
The Spanish laugh is sometimes a razor stroke, an eye cut up à la Buñuel... Loco, loco, this is an extra-eccentric evening... For example, the Diva Miranda, with a crazy frenzied stage act, travels with her personal hurdy-gurdy player and modest fairground paraphernalia through the wonders and the mountains of the Andes and the Sierra Nevada. Tonight, she will meet a pure product of Colombia which presents no risk for physical health, but is devastating for mental balance, Los Pirañas, the anti-conformity combo, las pilas electricas, ready for everything as long as they are provided with the sharpening stone. An Almodovarian encounter that will leave you with some strange gashes!

aCuerdas - Fátima Miranda with Marc Egea (Spain)

"aCuerdas"- Teaser (7'45 min): voice and hurdy-gurdy/zanfona from Fátima Miranda on Vimeo.

Los Piranas (Colombie)