the principle

the principle

Hacking the Mediterranean economy through CCI

On 4th and 5th April 2018 all partners met in Bologna to participate to the Kick-off Meeting of Chebec where the project was officially introduced and where everyone had the chance to exchange information, take decisions, reflect on pivotal aspects of the project and thoroughly understand tasks and deliverables.

Chebec - Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural Sector is a 30 months project (Module 2) that gathers 10 full and 5 associate partners from France, Italy, Malta, Portu-gal, Spain and from the Balkans - Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
Chebec approach takes inspiration from the fastest boats of the XVIII century used by traders, but also corsairs and pirates for explore, exchange, connect and reinvigorate the MED economy. Chebec tackles CCI main challenge in the Mediterranean: supporting CCIs access to new markets while keeping their own identity, with the final aim to favor MED clusters attractiveness for creative people. Chebec will experiment an integrated support program for companies and professionals, developing international competences and contacts.

The program includes a set of Innovative tools to support CCIs internationalization:
o methodology mobility actions and matchmaking event organization;
o checkup tools for companies and professionals;
o online guide to support startup from the sector
o innovation voucher scheme tested

Competence building activities are realised also for policy makers and support organisations to improve the effectiveness of their actions. Outputs will be analysed and transferred at regional levels matching S3 priorities, to ensure Chebec findings last in the long run. Partners are organizations coming from MED regions with relevant CCI clusters, with integrated profiles - public authorities, intermediary organizations, Universities and NGOs - wide experience, solid relations with their regional players and EU networks.

Next Event of Chebec project > In October 2018 hosted by Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo (CIMAC) in Evora/Portugal (more info coming soon)

The partnership :
• ASTER - Italia / Emilia-Romagna (Lead Partner)
• A.M.I. - France / Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
• Municipality of Bologna (CoBO) - Italia / Emilia-Romagna
• Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo (CIMAC) - Portugal / Alentejo
• University of Valencia (UVEG) - Spain / Comunidad Valenciana
• Lazio Region - Italia / Lazio
• Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency (SERDA) – Bosnia-Herzegovina
• Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Seville (CCSEV) - Spain / Andalucía
• Barcelona Activa – Spain / Catalunya
• Arty Farty - France / Rhône-Alpes

5 associated partners :
• British Council Permanent Representation in Portugal/ British Council - Portugal / Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
• Valletta 2018 Foundation (V18) - Malte
• Nova Iskra - Serbia
• Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Seville - Espagne / Andalucía

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