The Dynamo system is based in La Friche Belle de Mai Cultural centre, a training platform and co-working space dedicated to local cultural micro-entreprises.



Platform dynamo

Platform dynamo

Ever since it was founded, A.M.I. has been committed to helping artists and project founders and promoters to become independent.

In 2008, A.M.I. initiated CADO, a cultural activities and enterprises incubator to meet the organizational needs of the sector in the region.

Building on this experience, which involves testing activities and founding companies, A.M.I. has wished to develop a system to provide more comprehensive assistance in order to facilitate synergy, a collective dynamic, networking and interdisciplinary exchange.

And so the DYNAMO platform was created, as a real resource for the local development of the arts and culture economy.

Dynamo is providing two options:
CADO: cultural activities and enterprises incubator.
Funduk: hosting facilities and business diagnostic for local artistic companies of smaller size.
Further more, it provides the following facilities :

- Spaces, office resources and information desk for external arts and culture business and development actors (to be rent)

- Collective activities towards the international, such a business prospection trips, professional meetings, Euro-Arab incubators network (Incubinc), european programs partnership, etc...)

The DYNAMO platform was launched in September 2013.