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the CADO facility

The CADO cultural activities and enterprise incubator is one of the facilities of A.M.I.’s "arts and culture economy" division. In operation since 2008, it hosts and assists people who create, foster and promote arts/cultural projects at different stages of their project.

The CADO incubator supports innovative economic initiatives in the arts/culture sector, in the commercial or non-commercial sector, at different stages of development.

The Facility
The incubator provides you with a set of resources to help you in your progress as an entrepreneur:
Individualised support in the form of regular meetings.
Appropriate training for learning to run a business in the arts/culture sector: initial training, professional meetings, collective workshops for exchanging practices, international seminars.
Pooled resources to facilitate collective work and proactive networking between professionals of the sector.
The Dynamo space: an equipped workplace located right in the middle of the Friche La Belle de Mai centre in Marseille.

Assistance is provided for an agreed period of 3 to 12 months, which can be renewed once.

The purpose of the incubator is to enable project leaders/organizers to become independent and to ensure the lasting sustainability of their organizations by defining strategic and operational goals.