MIMI Festival 2016

1-10 july 2016
Friche la Belle de Mai | Cabaret Aléatoire | U.Percut | Mucem | Hôpital Caroline, Frioul islands


MIMI Festival 2016

sunday 10 July

Hôpital Caroline, Frioul Islands

sunday 10 July

Night for joining the party

Another depressing discourse is that of our political elites (except our local elected representatives, of course), who no longer manage to spin us their yarns and pull the wool over our eyes (and, as far as music is concerned, all they can do is blow their own trumpets...). Fortunately, as in the 1960s, political renewal is black. It replaces word salads by ballads, and bored yawning by a new dawning. With a great burst of laughter, TBMO, jacks-of-all-trades from art school, celebrate the resistance of their fellow citizens, mock the new apartheid, and denounce corruption. For the first time on stage, the poet prince Saul Williams will recount the fable of MartyrLoserKing, a political thriller that goes from Burundi to the gardens of the White House, via Haiti, Senegal, Paris and New Orleans... A satirical tract, a film, an opera, the planet, nothing is too big for the highly illustrious Afro-punk.
I’m joining the party!

The Brother Moves On (South Africa)

Saul Williams (USA)