MIMI Festival 2016

1-10 july 2016
Friche la Belle de Mai | Cabaret Aléatoire | U.Percut | Mucem | Hôpital Caroline, Frioul islands


MIMI Festival 2016

saturday 9 July

Hôpital Caroline, Frioul Islands

saturday 9 July

Night of the Bone that counts

All the young people who join the media libraries of the Institut Français abroad will tell you: there is nothing no more boring than Francophonie served with cultural diplomacy... Anyone who has been stuffed with “Fabrice Luchini reads Victor Hugo” among a handful of “casually”-dressed expats in Kinshasa’s Centre Culturel will not say the opposite... And yet, well kneaded like good bread (with a pinch of sarsaparilla, of course), our good old language can still be corrosive, pompous, fornicating... Tonight, with panache, Molière-like tough anarcho-poets, rascals whose trace cannot be found in the Panama Papers, Master Guigou and Master Marc, shameless, fearless old heavily made-up dandies, hand over to new little masters with moustaches, licentious agile wits and the gift of the gab, some of whom might be Belgians, Czechs, Japanese or even Turks!!!
Good heavens, Monsieur the Ambassador, what is happening to the Chanson Française?! What about our crowing French cocks?
Come on, let us wash our heavily-coated tongue with bleach, let us trim the fat off folklorism, trim, trim!
What counts, Marine, is the bone, not national cellulitis...

Rêve Général (Japan, France, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, Turkey)
Metamorphosis + Volapük (less one)

Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul + Aquaserge (Belgium, France)
Creative residency at the AMI Labobox from July 5th to 8th, original creation for MIMI 2016, in partnership with Crammed Discs

Radio Nova
Live radio show from 20:00-00:00