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possible actions

As a prelude to the project actions program, the first think tank session took place in Marseille on the 27th of March 2015, dedicated to the elaboration and validation of the project action plan and time-line (naturally subject to evolution)

First phase

The first phase regroup two actions:

The first action will be a diagnosis-study run in each concerned area between December 2015 and February 2016 (analysis of the local context and challenges, identification of the local skills network, identification of the institutional and legal framework, SWOT). These evaluations will be carried out on-site by A.M.I. staff, relying on close cooperation and preparation by and with the local partner.

The second action will be a workshop organized at the Dynamo Platform in Marseille from 9th to 15th of March 2016. This workshop should bring together at least two representatives of each of the circle-one partners, in order to confront the differences and highlight the convergences, in terms of needs, methods, recipients, etc… (content, goals and timeframe). In parallel to this workshop, a reflective seminar will be organised in partnership with the Villa Méditerranée and the Robetto Cimetta Fund, the 16th and 17th March 2016. These activities will be held in the days preceding the Babel Med Music Forum taking place the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th March.

Second phase
The second phase will regroup different actions, possibly supported by international funding, and will aim to increase the number of circle-one partners (other incubators in the Arab Worlds and/or Sub-Saharan Africa :

Regular meetings bringing together the staff members piloting the incubators on a daily basis, in the form of training sessions and discussions between the different incubator staffs, on site in each city, concerning as much the method improvement as the setting up of peripherical actions (communication, micro-financing, etc…).

Launching full-scale exercices, such as regional tours for artists, carried out by the incubator beneficiaries and supervised by the incubators

Launching parallel university research work around data collection, modelling, dissemination, publication


Phase 1 / From March 2015 to March 2016
- 27th of March 2015: Preparatory meeting in Marseille (brain-storming)
- December 2015-February 2016: 3 on-site missions to carry out the territorial diagnosis
- March 2016: Marseille workshop to validate the project in all its dimensions, in parallel with a reflective seminar organised at the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille, with the support of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region

Phase 2 (from September 2016 to September 2018)
- 2 sessions per year of capitalisation/methodology workshops, for the incubator operators, including evaluation and monitoring on-site.
- 2 sessions per year of cross-exchanges between beneficiaries, in parallel with full-scale exercices, including thematic training sessions by specialized external trainors and prospecting trips
- 2 sessions per year of workshops dedicated to multilingual deliverables (publication of methodology notes, study-cases, archives, internet site contents, etc...)