the CADO incubator

means of admission

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means of admission

What is the procedure for admission to the CADO incubator?

An information meeting is organised before every admission committee, to present the facility and the admission criteria to potential candidates who wish to join the incubator. At this stage, project leaders and organizers are initially oriented according to the suitability of their project for the facility and vice versa.

A first preliminary interview prior to the admission committee may take place with the person in charge to assess the project and provide help in preparing the application submission.

The admission committee meets several times every year, to receive every candidate for an oral presentation of their enterprise project and their motivations for obtaining assistance in an incubator.

The admission committee is multidisciplinary: it includes the CADO incubator’s supervisory staff, persons in charge from local government authorities, arts professionals and professionals who provide business creation assistance.

Selection criteria
Assessment of the project leader/organizer
Mutual suitability of the candidate/applicant and the project
Their professional skills and expertise relevant to the proposed activity
Their will to be involved in a learning process
Their will to include their activity within a legal framework
Their need for assistance
Their will to be assisted and to devote time to the facility
Their will and ability to pool resources and effort

Assessment of the project
Its potential for development on the market
Its feasibility (legal, financial and technical feasibility)
Its innovative nature (its artistic, social and technical nature)

Assessment concerning the incubator
The complementarity of the activity within the incubator
The need to support this line of activity within the sector

Means of assessment
The applicant’s submission file
A preliminary individual interview with the people in charge of the incubator
Documents for presenting their project
The applicant’s CV
The estimated budget
An oral presentation of the project to the admission committee (30 minutes)

The admission committee assesses the state of progress of the project for the organisation and the cultural entrepreneur’s needs for assistance.

The entrepreneur may be oriented in various directions:
If their admission application is rejected, they can be referred to organisations that are competent for the state of progress of their project, such as the people who make recommendations to us.
They could possibly be admitted as a person who proposes a potential idea, which is tested for a preliminary trial period of three months.
They could possibly be admitted under an assistance contract for structuring and ensuring the feasibility of their collective activity.
They could possibly be admitted under a CAPE contract for testing and validating their business activity.