MIMI Festival 2016

1-10 july 2016
Friche la Belle de Mai | Cabaret Aléatoire | U.Percut | Mucem | Hôpital Caroline, Frioul islands


MIMI Festival 2016


MIMI 2016


“In my first group, in 1970, since we didn’t speak English, we sang Hendrix by just bluffing and mumbling the words, imitating the sounds. It was totally incomprehensible, but our fans loved it and, in addition, they understood the message! Yea, yea, yea.... We were driven by necessity, ridiculous but inventive... Real poets... Without realizing it, we were doing like Julien Blaine, the performance poet…”
Ferdinand Richard, bassist & singer

Stop the picturesque stuff!
Glory to our accidental inventors!
Honour to Blaine!
It’s over: we don’t serve soup any more, even if it’s bouillabaisse!
MIMI is not for people who wiggle their bottoms around the terrace, it is for high diving into a tiny cauldron, much too small for cruise passengers... You aim twice and then you jump, go!!!

Besides, see how, in 2016, the artists are more and more incontrollable and iconoclastic. They take a mischievous pleasure in crossing through the looking-glass, nicking other people’s tools, dirtying the upholstery of Ikea lounges, to escape from the domination of invasive neo-conservative media and their podgy owners.
Let us give a warm welcome to these little flute players, these radical re-thinkers, defying the State of Dis-Emergency and Anaesthetism with impunity, intraveinously injecting a drop of adrenaline into our brains, slumped as they are on the couch of the Society of Ready-Made Ideas...
All that’s missing is for them to start playing football, replaying the ultra-famous match of the Têtes Brûlées on stage during their concert at MIMI in 1988...
The aficionados of FC MIMI were already there, perched on their kop…