Festival MIMI 2008

18, 19, 20 juillet 2008
Hôpital Caroline
Iles du Frioul – Marseille

Since 1985 and since 2001 on the Frioul Islands in Marseille Bay. An innovative, transaesthetic programme.


where did I leave my head? night

Fri. 18th july

where did I leave my head? night

/// Vendredi 18 juillet

This night will certainly not be the one of intense pogoting. Rather, it will present a dizzying array of repertoires. Under the code name “Kisetsu” (seasons), Yokogawa’s odd electronic illuminations will enhance the le nom commun singers’ spirals, whether medieval or contemporary. They will be an ideal introduction for Angeli’s timeless lyre-guitar, since this Sardinian musician knits together pieces from Fred Frith, Björk, and his native island. Then another mirage, “Icons”, – Serge Adam’s ethereal loops on modern Istanbul whirling Dervish vertigos – will hypnotise us forever. The three repertoires are miracles of tradition and modernity. Where will our heads fly to ?

Kisetsu (France/Japon)

paolo angeli solo (Sardaigne)


Icons (France/Turquie)