Village Hip Hop 2014

Village Hip Hop : the principle

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Village Hip Hop : the principle

A week of mediation, discussions, interaction, workshops and public/live performances and/or broadcasts , devoted to hip-hop culture and to highlighting artistic work by young people from working-class districts of Marseille.
Four annual events have been organized by A.M.I. since 2011.

Village Hip Hop organizes workshops led by experienced artists from the national and local scenes (in writing, dance, human beatbox, computer-aided music, clips, graffiti art, etc.), in association with local community arts organizations.

Promising young local groups are chosen every year for the “GARAGE” sessions, which are customized work sessions with professional coaches.

At the end of the week, they all present their work in professional conditions as part of a major hip-hop evening.

Other actions aimed at making hip-hop culture better known are usually proposed during the Village Hip Hop week : screenings of films, discussions and debates, listening sessions, improvisation battles and open mikes, training seminars, etc.

Village Hip Hop aims to make hip-hop CULTURE central to the project, while contributing to the dialogue between older and younger artists, for exchanging views and sharing know-how .