Hip Hop Society

Since 2018
Co-produced by AMI and Radio Grenouille


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Hip Hop Society

Village Hip Hop

From 2011 to 2017

Village Hip Hop

Village Hip Hop is a week of outreach, discussions, interactions, workshops and public performances, dedicated to hip-hop culture, focusing on the young people cultural practices in the neighbourhoods of Marseille and in the region.

Since 1995, AMI has taken part in the development of hip-hop culture in Marseille and abroad, notably through the emblematic Logique Hip Hop festival (1995- 2002), augmented by artistic practices workshops and creative artistic residencies as part of the MIMI Festival and international exchanges (AFRIQUIPOP, CAURI and ORMUZ programmes).

Since 2011, AMI has organised local facilities for young people in the Friche la Belle de Mai Cultural centre, and it proposes an event mainly devoted to the transmission of hip-hop culture.

Principally based on young people’s practices, Village Hip Hop proposes workshops (lyrics writing, beat-making, human beatbox, graffiti art, etc.) provided by experienced artists from the national and local scene, in association with social centres and community arts organisations in Marseille and the surrounding urban area. Although the participants are mostly coming from poor working-class areas, a mix of different social origins individuals is always privilegiated.

Similarly, promising artists from the local young scene are selected to participate at the “GARAGE” rehearsing sessions, under the supervision of professional coaches, customised sessions in order to meet the groups’ needs as closely as possible.

Regarding some specific emerging and independent operators, we propose to assist them in the production of their projects oriented towards structuration and professional conditions, and this assistance is provided by CADO, our cultural micro-business incubator.

Village Hip Hop aims to put back CULTURE at the center, by proposing urban culture side events, film/video screenings and debates. One of the key principles also consists in contributing to the dialogue between older and younger artists (hip-hop in Marseille is well alive since more than 30 years) , in order to exchange History and share know-how.