Village Hip Hop

Sat. 22 - Sat. 29 October 2016
A week dedicated to Hip-Hop culture
Co-produced with la Friche La Belle de Mai and Cabaret Aléatoire


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Village Hip Hop

full-size stage imrpovments

GARAGE sessions

full-size stage imrpovments

Garage" session is a residency for two emerging groups from the local hip-hop scene.
"Garage" is an AMI program dedicated to assisting/coaching young groups who are developing an artistic project and a repertoire. “Garage” sessions usually take place in our rehearsal studios.

The content of these sessions is determined through consultations with the group after a first assessment by the coaches. It they may concern the rehearsal method, the sequence of a work session, the group’s overall cohesion, better use of amplification, preparation of a live performance, scenographic design, self-assessment, etc.

In addition to the GARAGE session, we also propose – in collaboration with the Cabaret Aléatoire - three days of residency, in the perspective of a full size live performance in optimum conditions on the Cabaret stage.
This residency is designed as the next phase of “Garage”.
It is proposed to young groups who are identified by local booking managers, and who already have a sufficiently advanced professional perspective.

Two coaches, DJ DJel (member of the Fonky Family) and Pierre-Yves Lawrence (a qualified rehearsal leader) are specially recruited to provide guidance for the groups.

Two groups are selected to take part in this week of work. In 2016, they are La Connaixion and Tina Mweni Band.

La Connaixion
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Tina Mweni Band