Festival MIMI 2008

18, 19, 20 juillet 2008
Hôpital Caroline
Iles du Frioul – Marseille

Since 1985 and since 2001 on the Frioul Islands in Marseille Bay. An innovative, transaesthetic programme.


the full-speed-ahead heritage night

sun. 20th july

the full-speed-ahead heritage night

/// Dimanche 20 juillet 2008

For the last fifty years, nothing has been more inventive than rock-and-roll, which is once again the living proof that non-graduated lower-class people can largely be as creative as over-graduated upper-classes... charming, out-of-control, too crafty!... and organised: Tuxedomoon emerged on the early 80s San Francisco stage, through Ralph Records, the legendary recording collective (The Residents, MX-80 Sound, Snakefinger, etc.). In association with Stade (an efficient Swiss duo), Infinite Livez is a gangmate of Ninja-Tune / Big Dada, the hyper-creative London collective. None of this is a matter of chance, since both movements glory in innovation. Aesthetically, this will result in a night when thirty years of difference still highlight a strong relation and common audacities, and will once again give the fingers to the drudges of entertainment monopolies!!... A purely classical magnificent heritage, directly tuned into our teenagers’ brains (who can say any better?!!!)

Infinite Livez vs Stade (UK/Switerland)


Tuxedomoon (USA)