festival-atelier à Narian-Mar, Russie du Nord (2002 - 2004)

Narian-Mar, capitale de la Région Autonome des Nenetzs



MIMI-NOR 2004 (EN)


Festival les 14 et 15 mai 04

Vendredi 14 mai
Cheval de frise(Bordeaux/France)
Thomas Bonvalet : guitare
Vincent Beysselance : batterie

Thomas Bonvalet, guitar, and Vincent Beysselance (drums) are the two members of "Cheval de Frise", a duo from Bordeaux, France. Together they bring out one of the most mature and innovative contemporary French rock. Without using any superficial effects, but with an amazing energy, these two young talents push the borders of improvised rock through a nearly telepathic complicity. Since 1998, they have been bringing their "baroque" rock to the ears of European music lovers. Their performance during the 2002 edition of MIMI Festival fired audience and critics with enthusiasm.

Amira Saqati(Maroc)
Youssef El Mejjad : chant, guimbri, claviers, percussions, programmation
Mohamed Jbara : guitare, chant
Lahcen Hariti : percussions

Lead by Youssef El Mejjad, Amira Saqati is much more than a "world-music" group. The trio (traditional drums, electronic music and singing) explores cultural crossbreedings but in a very personal and creative way overstepping the bounds of world music fusion. The result is a subtile marriage between tradition and innovation. Youssef El Mejjad has been often leading AMI’s workshop on computer assisted music (MarMar, OrMuz, PacJap). this time, Youssef will be not only performing on stage but also responsible for the Narian-Mar workshop. This way, young local musicians will be confronted to his very personal style. This could give birth to new stars.

Samedi 15 mai
Wimme Saari : chant
Matti Wallenius : guitare
Jari Kokkonen : claviers

Wimme is a modern interpreter of sami "yoik" (Lapland). His work is a mix between this special traditional way of singing and personal improvisations. In a way it is "free voik". His deeply emotional vocals swirl in and around melodic soundscapes. Wimme and his modern European folk music is invited to play all over the world.
Two other talented musicians will join Wimme on stage. Jari Kokkonen, member of the Finnish techno jazz band RinneRadio. Matti Wallenius, expert in acoustic string instruments. He has worked with French composer Hector Zazou and with Italian composer Aldo Brizzi.

L’ensemble 4’33’’(Russie)
Alexei Aigui : violon
Mikhail Bereznitskiy: violon
Andreï Gontcharov : trompette
Serguey Nikolskiy: basse
Mikhail Doubov: piano

Since a couple of years Alexei Aigui lives and works between Paris and Moscow. This young renowed composer is as well talented in contemporary music as in rock or avant-garde jazz. He composed two original musics for movie director Todorowsky. "Les Silencieuses" (interpreted by "4’33") for which he received the Russian National Price of the Press and Cinematographic Critic and the original music for the movie "Loubovnik", nominated at Sotchi Festival in 2002.
Alexei Aigui also composed the music of "One second hand" a piece of choreographer Sacha Pepelaev (Kinetic Theatre). He played in first part of famous French artist Yann Tiersen concert at Moscow’s Mossoviet Theatre and often collaborates with Pierre Bastien and Mina Agossi. His quintet 4’33" has been programmed by several festivals in France. At the occasion of MimiNor, the quintet will be composed of Moscovite musicians.

Atelier Sheikmat du 7 au 15 mai
Atelier Musique Assistée par Ordinateur avec Youssef El Mejjad
Atelier Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (internet) avec Renaud Vercey