festival-atelier à Narian-Mar, Russie du Nord (2002 - 2004)

Narian-Mar, capitale de la Région Autonome des Nenetzs



MIMI-NOR 2002 (EN)


Programmation du festival MimiNor 1ère édition

Samedi 7 septembre 2002
Erik M (France)
Guyvoronsky / Petrova (Russie)
Samla Mammas Manna + Tatsuya Yoshida de The Ruins ( Suède/Japon)
Terje Isungset / Jorma - Tapio (Finlande/Norvège)
Les Bnet Houaryat (Maroc)

+ les ateliers du 2 au 7 septembre 2002
atelier son animé par Emmanuel Gilot
atelier administration de régie animé par Laurent D’Asfeld

MIMI-NOR first edition
The first edition of Mimi-Nor, took place from 31 st August to 8th September 2002 in Narian-Mar, with the support of the French Embassy in Moscow and in close partnership with the Nenets Regional Administration. This unique workshop-festival was really fruitful because it enabled people from France, Russia, Morocco, Japan to work together, to share experiences and to transmit knowledge.
Two Russian technicians who took part in the workshop-festival in Narian-Mar in September 2002 as well as Marina Smarozov, Cultural Affairs Director of the Autonomous Region of the Nenets and her assistant, Elena Koshel, were invited in Marseille in July 2003 at the occasion of AMI ’s main and oldest workshop-festival MIMI on the Frioul islands.