Joint conference AMI & Roberto Cimetta Fund

Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March 2016

Incubinc/AMI & Roberto Cimetta Fund
Joint Conference
Villa Méditerranée, Marseilles

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Wednesday 16th March | 12:10

Lynda Rahal

Terrain#1 ( performance-installation)
Glissement de terrains
A choreographic project in 6 acts.

With the support of the Centre National pour la Danse for the provision of a studio and the Fonds Roberto Cimetta for mobility assistance.
Contributors : Matthieu Devaux, Najla Chami , Serje Banna, Mariam Hammoud, Joao Costa Espinhio, Soleima Arabi…

Glissement de Terrains is a choreographic project in several acts that questions the place of the document and the documentary within the artistic act. 
A series of short performances that create and confront contexts and practices in order to try to convey the political complexity of a country.
Glissement de Terrains attempts to make up stories from the ways we see a place, a landscape or other people, to compare our present view with our past view, becoming both the investigator and the object of its own investigation.
How are stories and history created and formed? How can we tell them? Glissement de Terrains aims to create a sort of archipelago-archive, an assemblage-collage between unearthed documents and invented documents, quoted documents and documents relating real-life experience.

In the first act Terrain#1, my point of departure is my discovery of Lebanon through an old postcard found in the family archives. The photo of a place, an unknown landscape, and a multitude of stories related to them. 
In March 2015, thanks to the Roberto Cimetta mobility aid fund, I went on this first journey to physically feel the ground and to draw a subjective map of it based on bodily experience.”
The research work is centred around a library of archives and documents gathered during this journey and on the Internet. A collection of audio and visual archives, texts, interviews, working notes and travelogs.
These documents, constituted as separate units, shall be inter-related in order to explore their potential for evocation and suggestion.
Through interviews and photographies, Terrain#1 sketches the outlines and the perspectives of a paradoxal country and experiments with polyphony.