Artists residence

A.M.I. hosts artists in residence, during the year and for the MIMI festival.


Artists residence

Artists residencies

MIMI festival 2015

Artists residencies

Aki Onda (Japan, USA) l Important Records - Oral - AudioMER
Creative artistic residency in A.M.I.’s rehearsal studios from 29 June to 1 July 2015.
Aki Onda is a Japanese electronic musician, composer and visual artist who lives in Brooklyn. He is mainly known for his "Cassette Memories" project, a corpus compiled from his sound diary of field recordings (audio recordings made in the field for the purposes of studio production to create ambient, concrete and experimental music, etc.) that he has gathered during the last twenty years. Well used to enchanting and manipulating his cassettes, he orchestrates them with Walkmans, effects and other devices and systems.

Himmel (United Kingdom, France)
Andy Saunders (keyboard), Glyn Perrin (keyboard), Richard Miles (keyboard), Chris Cutler (drums), Jules Bernable (electronic bass). Guests : Tom Mugridge & Jake Rousham and ten musicians
Creative artistic residency in A.M.I.’s rehearsal studios from 30 June to 3 July 2015.

Himmel’s music plays on spaces and territories, between drone, Krautrock and cosmic jazz, creating a powerful live performance that combines minimalism with the power of the rock group. They were backed up with contributions from local musicians, particularly Jules Bernable, the excellent bass player of the Marseille group MoTTo, and around ten avid experimenters with keyboards and saturated sounds, who all worked together in A.M.I.’s rehearsal studios in the Friche la Belle de Mai centre.

Residency by Féline & Strange
In A.M.I.’s rehearsal studios from 01 to 15 June
As part of the 48h chrono event in the Friche la Belle de Mai centre
This residency is funded by Music Board.

The artist Feline Lang is a multifaceted character: actress, folk dancer and opera singer. Accompanied by the cellist Christophe Klemke, she forms the Berlin group Feline & Strange, composing theatrical pop music with gipsy and tango influences which expresses pure emotions.

Feline & Strange were in concert on Friday 12 June at 20:30 on the rooftop of the Friche La Belle de Mai centre.